Our Story

We are so proud to be locally owned and operated. Meet the Owners:

Connor Stakelin, Owner/ Managing Partner - Connor was born in Moses Lake. Although raised in Olympia, his heart has always been in Grant County. Connor is an entrepreneur, avid golfer and LOVES to travel. Connor is a Real Estate Broker in the State of Washington for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Additionally, Connor oversees Asset Management in the Hospitality and Residential sectors. Connor is BIG on customer service and loves to make connections with his customers, hoping that they become family!
Will Stakelin, Owner/Partner - Will retired from a law enforcement career, which in the past included serving the local sheriff's office. He currently works as a Regional Investigator. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, being outside, spending time with family and friends and supporting and tasting all of the craft breweries that we will feature in our taproom.
Claudine Stakelin, Owner/Partner - Claudine is a para/SLPA for a local school district and holds over 15 years of experience in this field. In her spare time she enjoys arts and crafts, reading, gardening, volunteering in her community and taking vacations with her family.
Dylan Stakelin, Partner - Dylan was also born in Moses Lake and is an Assistant Baseball Coach for a University in Spokane. He's an avid enthusiast of athletics in all levels. In his spare time he and his girlfriend, Carley, love to explore the outdoors and new restaurants/bars. They love their rescued dog and cat, Buddy and Winnie!